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Master Practitioners – Radical Collaboration


Leif Cervin and Jim Tamm are very proud to introduce three new Radical Collaboration Master Trainers in Sweden.

Between them they have conducted almost 150 standard 3-day Radical Collaboration workshops. Each has co-trained multiple Radical Collaboration Trainer Certification programs (RCTC).

All three were trained and mentored by Jim Tamm, Ron Luyet, Christian Rudqvist and Per-Åke Sundholm.

The three new Master Trainers are:

  •  Elisabeth Flodin

  •  Niclas Folkesson

  •  Mis Segebo

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These three Master Trainers will be responsible for conducting future RCTC programs in Sweden. They will fill in for Christian Rudqvist who has retired and Jim Tamm who will be concentrating on building the Radical Collaboration brand around the world, and particularly in Sweden.

Our goal for each of the next several years is to conduct one or more open enrollment RCTC programs and one or more in-house programs for organizations wishing to develop their own in-house trainers.

These three Master Trainers are among the most experienced RC trainers, not just in Sweden, but throughout the world. They have worked in the private and public sectors, with corporate and non-profit clients, with national teams, the education field, in sports, with police and labor unions and with long term in-house cultural change projects as well as open enrollment workshops.

Please join us in offering our congratulations to them and share in our pride in them for this accomplishment.

Leif Cervin & Jim Tamm


RC Master Trainers 2014 as pdf