Intervjuer med Will Schutz på CD

Joyce Feddon intervjuar Will Schutz – Essentials of The Human Element

This series of interviews of Will Schutz conducted by Joyce Feddon is a comprehensive description of The Human Element in the words of its creator. He had a distinct way of talking about his work that was simple, understated, exceptionally clear, fascinating, and very compelling. This set affords a chance to hear not only the way he spoke about his work, but also examples and stories about where his thinking originated. The insights gained should help you to understand The Human Element in greater depth.

Essentials of The Human Element contains:

CD 1: The Basics of Empowerment. Self Knowledge Into Self-Power

CD 2: Self Knowledge Into Self-Power. From Blame to Empowerment

CD 3: The Mastery of Effective Team Building. Applications for the Organization

CD 4: Concordance Decision Making: Empowerment in Action

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