The Implicit Career Search

Development of The Implicit Career Search – An Integral Approach to Career Planning
Designed by myself, in collaboration with Dr. Will Schutz, “The Implicit Career Search (ICS)” is a program intended to assist people to clearly define what the purpose of their work is to be, and to guide them in developing a successful career based on that purpose. This program represents a lifetime of searching for a clear answer to a question that entered my head when I was seven years old: “How do I decide what my work is going to be?”

The Implicit Career Search

Svenska certifierade handledare
Per den 15 augusti 2008, alla certifierade av Steve Miller.

Aspenfjäll, Jonas

Borg, Morgan
Björnsson, Anders

Cervin, Leif

Esensjö, Jan

Fuchs, Gertrude

Hagman, Jenny

Lindstein, Katarina

Mattsson, Mikael

Norrby, Elisabeth

Petrina-Esensjö, Susan

Warpman, Solveig

Åkerblom, Staffan