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Date(s) - 4 oktober, 2016
till 6 oktober, 2016
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Green Zone Culture Leadership
You have shown interest in this program, intended to provide over six months an opportunity for leaders to develop their leadership skills.

We have invited to a certification course October 4 to 6, 2016 for RC Consultants who want to acquaint themselves with the program and bring it to market.

Ron Luyet has this summer been busy perfecting the set-up of both the program and the first implementation of this new certification course.

But unfortunately!
It turns out that with much of all the exciting material Green Zone Culture Group for a long time has identified for the program and the course, there could be problems with Intellectual Property. These have proved to be of such a nature that we especially do not dare to print a workbook or a Trainers Manual without having both accurate references and – maybe – negotiations with owners of copyrights.

Neither the resources nor the time allows us to do this for the moment. Our choice in this situation is to cancel the certification course October 4 to 6, 2016.

We are very sorry that we see ourselves forced to make this decision and the problems we may cause you. We do hope to come back to this in some form later.

If you especially were happy to meet Ron Luyet in October, I can please you with an announcement that you get another opportunity this fall. Ron comes to the traditional THE/RC-meeting December 13 and will give us a dose Enrichment. As usual that will be good for us, I hope.

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