Handledarutbildning i Implicit Career Search med Steve Miller

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Date(s) - 22 april, 2012
till 26 april, 2012
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ICS Overview

Although the Implicit Career Search (ICS) is now being used as a career development tool by corporations and international consultants, it was originally developed, experimented with, and researched as a method for helping unemployed individuals discover meaningful, long-term work. While the primary purpose of all ICS approaches remains to assist the client in developing a comprehensive career plan, many other benefits are realized along the way.

ICS developer Steve Miller collaborated closely with Dr. Will Schutz and his son Ethan to adopt Dr. Schutz’s internationally acclaimed and recognized FIRO (Fundamental Interpersonal Relations Orientation)® into the Hero’s Journey model that Miller sees as being integral to career development.


Exploring and transforming Personality, Behaviour, Feelings and Self-Concept to uncover Essence.

FIRO Theory provides ICS participants with practical, step-by-step methods to explore, understand and transform their behaviours, feelings and self-concept. These transformations often result in improved relationships, greater self-efficacy, increased resiliency, increased resistance to stress and increased conscientiousness. Increased emotional intelligence, greater self-awareness and stronger self-determination are other common benefits of exposure to the ICS process.

Miller’s main reason for including FIRO in his model was to help his clients strip away the “shoulds” of their lives and expose them to their very essence – or core self. Influenced by the Perennial Philosophy (a summary of the core tenets held in common by the world’s wisdom traditions), Miller proposes that within this core self resides the genesis of the contribution we are to make with our lives. This contribution becomes the inspiration for the career plan. Working with essence is also the most effective way to increase one’s self-esteem.


Craftsperson – Manager – Leader – Expert – Creator

The Career Development Spectrum developed by Miller provides his clients with an evolutionary approach to career development. Five stages (craftsperson-manager-leader-expert-creator) are presented to give clients structure for developing their career from learning (craftsperson and manager) – serving (leader) – delivering the contribution (expert and creator). Miller often uses this formula to describe the spectrum:

Fun + Discipline = Passion

Passion + Courage = Bliss.

The Career Development Profile provides a strategic plan for clients to forecast and manage their development. Vision Stages highlight the stages of the career, Implementation Steps provide the details to ensure the vision is achieved and Contingency Plans provide an insurance policy.

The Implicit Career Search is recording some remarkable results for employment agencies throughout British Columbia and the workshop continues to receive rave reviews from clients of all ages, socio-economic and educational levels.

Like the Hero’s Journey it is modelled on, ICS may just be a universal approach.