THE nyhetsbrev UGL februari 2008

THE nyhetsbrev UGL februari 2008

Dear UGL Trainer,

Did you know that after 50 years of FIRO®
Theory its applications are still growing dramatically in Sweden? This
is presenting trainers and consultants with exciting new business
opportunities. If you want to expand your training practice using a
theory you’re already familiar with, please seriously consider this

As a UGL trainer you are all familiar with the work of Dr. Will Schutz and
FIRO. As a managing director of Will Schutz Associates I saw the
powerful impact that FIRO Theory applications can have on
organizations. It is one of the most powerful tools consultants and
trainers have available for building a strong client base.

You are invited to a seminar, exclusive to UGL
trainers, to hear about Will Schutz’s revisions to his earlier FIRO
Theory and to learn about one of the more effective applications of his
work, a program called Radical Collaboration®.
Radical Collaboration is a 3-day highly interactive program aimed at
increasing the effectiveness of individuals and organizations by
strengthening 5 essential collaborative skills.

The rapid growth of the Radical Collaboration program in Sweden presents a real opportunity for trainers. The number of certified trainers in Sweden has doubled during
the each of the past two years, and is currently at 99.

A large number percentage are also UGL trainers Our experience is that
effective UGL trainers have the training/facilitation skill set necessary to lead Radical Collaboration workshops.

Some of the advantages of the Radical Collaboration program are:

  • It works for in-house programs and established teams as well as open seminars.
  • It is a flexible, module based system allowing for customization of the length of the program from half-day to 3-day workshops.
  • High quality training materials are conveniently available in both Swedish and English.
  • The book upon which the program is based is also in Swedish
    published by Studentlitteratur).
  • The TLT Collaborative Skills Climate SurveyTM
    supports your success as an effective tool to diagnose gaps in any
    organization’s collaborative skills. This climate survey has also
    proven to be an effective way for consultants and trainers to build a
    stronger client base.
  • The program is skills based and supported by strong research giving great credibility when introducing the concepts to clients.
  • The program offers great flexibility in the numbers of participants it
    can accommodate, from groups as small as 6 and as large as 50 or more.
  • Your clients will see immediate results, strengthening your client base.
  • The program and its modules have been used successfully in a wide range
    of organizations such as Toyota, Boeing, The United Nations, Volvo,
    NASA, not-for -profit organizations, higher education, and health care
    organizations. The skills are universally applicable.
  • Radical Collaboration can be easily applied in team building,
    leadership development, general organizational effectiveness or open
    workshops for individual skill building.
  • Trainer Certification programs are available in both Swedish and English.

Jim Tamm

This seminar will be offered in English on May 27, 2008 and is free to UGL
trainers. To sign up, please send an email to Leif Cervin:

If you can’t make it to the seminar go to and click on the FIRO page to get a flavor for how FIRO Theory is used in the Radical Collaboration program.



Radical Collaboration® is a registered trademark of James Tamm and Ronald Luyet. FIRO is a registered trademark of CPP.