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– baserade på FIRO-teorin

Böckerna presenteras med texter från recensioner, förord, baksidestexter etc.

Den Goda Organisationen

En modell för utveckling av människor, grupper och organisationer. Boken innehåller skattningsinstrument och andra övningar som syftar till att öka vår medvetenhet, arbeta bort vår rädsla för konflikter och våra svårigheter att avsluta projekt. (Natur och Kultur, 1997)

The Human Element Productivity, Self-Esteem, and the Bottom Line

In The Human Element, author Will Schutz shows how to enhance our performance and improve our organizations by developing healthier concepts of ourselves and others. A personal development and leadership guide to creating a work environment where self-determination and openness are the rule, The Human Element offers strategies for heightening our awareness of ourselves and others – a key factor in shaping our relationships to work. (Jossey-Bass, 1994)

Profound Simplicity

As Will Schutz explored himself and the human condition – through encounter groups, body methods, energy techniques, and spiritual disciplines – he discovered that each one, if pursued deeply enough, emphasized the same concepts of truth, self-responsibility, and self- awareness. The book weaves these principles into a foundation for a social philosophy. (Bantam, 1979)


(Fundamental Interpersonal Relationship Orientation) A Three-Dimensional Theory of Interpersonal Behaviour. Will identifierade i detta arbete tre grundläggande behov hos oss alla – att fungera i tre dimensioner – som han kallade: Tillhöra, Kontroll och Öppenhet. (Originalutgåva Holt, Rinehart and Winston, 1958. Reprint edition, Will Schutz Associates, 1989)

Elements of Encounter – A Bodymind Approach

The present book is my most recent, most concise, and most complete statement of how I see encounter. It is suitable for courses in psychotherapy, clinical psychology, social psychology, education, nursing, religion, administration, sociology, and perhaps for classes in other fields. It may also be useful as a handbook for persons leading or participating in encounter groups, and of help to interested lay persons who simply want to know what encounter is all about. (Joy Press, 1973)


Are you missing one of the greatest joys in life – the joy of spontaneous emotion? At the Esalen Institute in Big Sur, California, Dr. William Schutz conducts a workshop whose theme is ”developing the ability to experience joy.” In this book Dr. Schutz explains the extraordinary procedures and techniques used at Esalen – talking, touching, hugging, and acting out life situations – and shows how the simplest physical acts can transform suspicion into trust and hostility into love. (Harper and Row, 1967)


Vidgad medvetenhet och större livsglädje. Nya metoder inom grupp-psykoterapin. Detta är den svenska översättningen av Will Schutz miljonsäljare Joy. (Bonniers, 1969)

Joy: 20 Years Later

Joy: 20 Years Later served as the ”textbook” for the human potential movement that swept the United States in the 1960s and 1970s. Will Schutz has updated his national best seller to reflect the changes that have taken place since its first publication. He examines the growth of (and resistance to) the Joy principles over the past two decades. (Ten speed Press, 1989)

Here Comes Everybody

The goal, brilliantly realized, or Here comes Everybody is to present encounter as a culture. Schutz begins with the new awareness of the body that is critical to encountering, and he describes rolfing and other techniques that reveal the intimate connections between bodily expression and how we think. Far from being mindless, encounter has a highly developed view of human nature, the self, and rationality which Schutz describes with a clarity suitable for everyman. (Harper Collins, 1971)


An odyssey into BODY MIND… An exploration of the new therapy, rolfing… A guided voyage into the deepest realms of fantasy… (Harper Collins, 1976)

Leaders Of Schools

The FIRO theory is applied to educational administrators in this study of institutional managers. This book offers a clear, pragmatic pay-off for those who confront selection decisions. (University Associates, 1979)

The Truth Option

Creating an atmosphere of truth is the one direction people seldom try – yet it leads to energy and aliveness, freedom to change, and increasing productivity in every aspect of living. (Ten speed Press, 1984)


Den som vill ha en bra beskrivning över The Human Element som metod eller filosofi kan läsa ”Den Goda Organisationen”, som ger en bra överblick. Boken ”FIRO” är ett vetenskapligt verk. Det är inte särskilt lättillgängligt. Kapitel 2 och 3 i ”FIRO” ger dock en bra beskrivning över hur FIRO-teorin växte fram. Böckerna ”Joy” och ”Here comes Everybody” är fortfarande spännande för dem som arbetar med t ex visualiseringar och kroppsövningar för utveckling av individer och grupper.

Boken ”Elements of Encounter” ger ramen för vad encounter-grupper är och beskriver hur man lämpligen arbetar med och i sådana grupper. Många tycker att Wills mest spännande bok är Profound Simplicity. Det är hans mest filosofiska bok. I den presenterade han ett antal principer som ett vidgat synsätt att se på människor och mänskligt samspel som t ex sanning och öppenhet, egna val och helhetssyn.

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