Please Lie to Me

Thomy Barton har i januari 2018 kommit med boken ”Please Lie to Me”. Vi har fått ett antal exemplar till Sverige för försäljning. Pris 250 kr inkl. moms och porto.

Thomy var här på Nätverksträffen i december 2017 och det var en mycket uppskattad dag med 35 deltagare från olika länder. Så här presenterade jag boken i Inbjudan till Nätverksträffen:

“Please lie to me” is our usual agreement. This agreement is informal, unconscious, and non-verbal. It is also self-perpetuating. As a result, we continue to live in fear and mistrust of one another. This infects all relationships unless otherwise agreed to. This is no one’s fault but everyone’s problem. Like actors in a play, we are all pretending. Unlike actors, we don’t know we are pretending. Self-deception is seductive and addicting, but like opioids, offers only temporary relief. Afraid of being real and transparent with one another, by default we are left with a lifetime of strategic lying and withholding. In the deal, we abandon our own authenticity, integrity and self-respect. Tragically, we believe this is necessary.

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